Clerks re-live gunpoint robbery

Robbery at Rosieâ??s Drive Thru

Police are looking for the man they believe held up two drive thru convenience stores at gunpoint.

Clerks at Rosie TMs Drive Thru said they had been trained on how to respond to robberies and were even armed with panic buttons.

Tuesday night Anita Villanueva and her co-worker Micky Gonzales were tending to customers at the San Benito store when the suspect ran in, holding the two at gunpoint.

"He grabbed me by the back of my neck and forced me down, Villanueva said. He had the gun to the back of my head the whole time."

He had the bag, Gonzales said. He was telling me to give him the money and so he was holding the gun against her the whole time."

Villanueva and Gonzales said everything happened so quickly.

Both were armed with panic buttons due to recent robberies in the area, but had taken them off after accidentally setting them off earlier in the day.

"The police came and we explained that it was an accident, victim said. Maybe one of us pressed it and after that we took them off, which is something we shouldn't have done."

San Benito Police investigators believe the same person targeted both this drive thru and Kiko's Drive Thru.

Detective Rogelio Banda said the suspect ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Det. Banda said victims should always comply in these types of situations.

If they are requesting cash, hand over the cash, Det. Banda said. Whatever property they are demanding and get a better description."

Police said in this case, Villanueva and Gonzales did everything right.

"She stayed strong, we stayed composed, we just did what he told us to do and he took of cause that was the number one thing, when it happens, it becomes so real to where you just want him out of here," Micky Gonzales said.

"I got up as soon as I could,Anita Villanueva said. I pressed the button on my register and the cops came.

While the crime was caught on camera, the suspect remains on the run and is considered armed and dangerous.

Both employees plan to return back to work.

Villanueva said she loves her job and her customers and is not letting the suspect take that away from her.

Anyone with information on the suspect TMs whereabouts is encouraged to contact San Benito police at 361-3880.

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