Clerk's suspicions lead to swift robbery arrest

Stripes robbery attempt

An alleged thief behind bars is accused of holding up a convenience store clerk at knifepoint. Harlingen Police said the robbery attempt happened on Monday night.

Investigators said the man walked into the Stripes Convenience Store on F Street carrying a backpack.

The clerk said the suspect was acting suspicious so he dialed 911 and left the phone receiver on the counter.

Dispatch was able to listen to the entire crime in progress.

Soon after the suspect approached the clerk, he pulled out a knife and demanded money.

The victim complied and the man ran off.

The clerk ran after him, pulling on his backpack forcing him to the ground.

Since dispatch was listening as the events unfolded, police arrived quickly and arrested the suspect as he ran out of the store.

It TMs always dangerous to chase after someone especially when they are armed for property, Harlingen Police Sgt. David Osborne said. It's typically not recommended in this chase. Everything worked out, but we believe that the male subject had the intent to take that property and possibly use that knife against the clerk if he didn't comply."

Harlingen police said while they've had several robberies in the last couple of weeks, all suspects have been caught.

Sgt. Osborne said the message is clear, If you commit a crime in Harlingen, you will be caught.

The name of the suspect has not been released since he has not been charged.

He is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday morning.