Clients of a Harlingen hairdresser come together to help her fight cancer.

Lorissa Gonzalez was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer on January 25th of this year.

The 30 year old hairdresser in Harlingen is facing the battle of a lifetime.

"I felt a lump."

Since then Lorissa has undergone several treatments after her startling discovery.

"I was in shock and I just started crying."

The wife and mother of three says fighting cancer has been difficult Houston for her family traveling to Houston every three weeks for chemotherapy.

"Now that we're going to M.D. Anderson, we have to pay for gas and all that."

IV treatments and medication twice a day are taking a major toll on her body.

I TMm really tired.

The cancer is cutting into her job of six years making it impossible to continue as a hairdresser and receiving a paycheck.

"When I first found out I was able to work, but now with these treatments, I get tired and weak so I can't work."

Lorissa might not be able to service her clients right now, but they are making sure to support her during these difficult times.

Tracy campbell

"A few girls and I got together and decided we want to do something special for Lorissa Gonzalez," said Tracy Campbell.

She and several of Lorissa's clients are also Harlingen businesswomen who want to make this painful process a little easier for Lorissa and her family.

"It's a major financial burden and that's what we're hoping to help especially during this holiday season," said Brooke Burns, a client of Lorissa TMs.

They are holding a Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at the Harlingen Country Club with proceeds benefitting their hairdresser and friend."She is self-employed and so is her husband and they don TMt have insurance.This is something we can do to try to help with medical bills, travel expenses, anything to make their Christmas a little merrier, said Campbell.

Lorissa is truly grateful.

"I just want to thank them and tell them I'm happy they are helping me and supporting me."

You can take part in the special event benefitting Lorissa, Friday, November 18th, from 2 to 7pm at the Harlingen Country Club.

For more information on the event call Tracy Campbell at 956-244-4631.