Close calls for District 34 Democrat, Republican candidates

Filemon Vela has emerged as the frontrunner for Democrats.

Both Democrats and Republican are headed to runoffs in the U.S. Congress District 34 race but it's still not entirely clear which candidates.

Tuesday night ended with only 60 percent of the polls reporting their numbers from the district, which snakes from Central Texas to Brownsville.

Democratic Party candidate Filemon Vela is clearly one of the runoff candidates with 15,800 or 40.9 percent of the vote.

But it's not clear who's going to face him in the runoff.

Democrat Denise Saenz Blanchard got 4,959 votes or 12.8 percent of the ballot but rival Ramiro Garza had 4,881 votes or 12.6 percent.

A similar tie happened for Republicans where the margins are also thin.

GOP candidate Adela Garza got 3,211 votes or 36.5 percent while rival Jessica Puente Bradshaw got 3,160 votes or 35.9 percent.

Action 4 News will continue to follow the races early Wednesday morning.