Closing arguments made against attorney charged with racketeering

File photo of Ray Marshan

Jurors will decide the fate of Port Isabel Attorney Ray Marshan charged with racketeering and conspiracy.

Closing arguments were made on Friday in the federal case against Marshan regarding his innocence or guilt of bribing former State District Judge Abel Limas.

U.S. Attorney Oscar Ponce went first telling jurors they have more than enough evidence in this case to find Marchan guilty without hesitation.

He said FBI testimony, intercepted phone calls, checks made out to Limas and Limas' own testimony prove Marchan was paying the judge for favorable outcomes and at least one court appointment in 2008.

Ponce then re-played pieces of about 10 phone recordings where Marchan told Limas things like, "I appreciate you keeping the heat on for me" and "We don TMt have our ducks in order.

Which he said prove Marchan bribed Limas time and time again in the 404th District Court.

Defense Attorney Noe Garza discredited Limas saying things like, Mr. Limas is a blabbermouth that's what he is" and "Mr. Limas is not a very bright man."

Garza said Marchan loaned Limas money because they were good friends and Limas was in debt.

Garza also told jurors that even when Limas told FBI investigators about other attorneys that paid him money for favors like Jim Solis and Manuel Longoria, there was no mention of Marchan.

Garza said Limas testified about other attorneys giving him money, and none of them are on trial.

He asked jurors if that was because Marchan was Mexican and some of the other attorneys are white.

Judge Hannan called that argument inapporopriate.

The 12 jurors, mostly women, are deliberating on the seven charges against Marchan.