Clues left behind in Harlingen murder-suicide

Cohan's home

A well-known, well-liked Harlingen man left a trail of clues behind before he confessed to suffocating his wife and setting her on fire.

Police said Art Cohan killed his wife around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning.

Reports also state he turned on the gas and lit a match setting them both on fire.

"He may have possibly used his wife's body as the ignition source to start the fire in his home possibly with the gas in the home as well" said Sgt. David Osborne.

Fire Marshal Danny Warner searched through the rubble along with trained investigators and the South Texas Arson Response team.

On Tuesday, Warner told Action 4 News they found an unknown accelerate in the main bedroom and other parts of the home.

Family members and authorities told Action 4 News Art Cohan sent emails to family members and friend before committing the murder-suicide. The letters reportedly detail why Cohan committed the crime.

"Well, I went out and I knew that it was a fire, but I had no idea that it was what it really was" said Debbie TMs high school friend Daniel Blasingame.

Blasingame lives just a few doors down from the Cohans.

He said he noticed Cohan walking by his home which he thought it was odd.

"I saw him walk by and it seemed puzzling to me because you know he had a car, and a little later I see him coming back" said Blasingame.

"That was the last time I saw him".

Authorities said Cohan parked his car at Gil's Auto Shop on 7th Street and Sunshine 77 in Harlingen reportedly leaving a 13-page suicide letter inside the car before walking home.

Blasingame still can't believe what happened to his high school friend.

He adds there is a big heart that has gone, because the Cohans, including Debbie, were such a nice couple.

The family is waiting for a package that their father asked to be sent to them. As of Tuesday, they had not received it.

An autopsy has been ordered. Results will not be available for at least three weeks.