Co-workers say woman accused of murdering her father is innocent

The co-workers of a McAllen woman charged with murder tell Action 4 News she is innocent.

Alicia Delgado, 32 year-old, was arrested at the end of July after police responded to a domestic dispute at her home at the 4900 block of West Buddy Owens.

She was released days later with no bond, but McAllen Police arrested Delgado again for the murder of her father about two weeks ago.

Delgado worked at Mambo Seafood restaurant in McAllen.

Management tells Action 4 News she was a good employee and quickly worked her way up from being a waitress to training new hires including Tonya Castro.

She taught me what I needed to know to do my job, but she also taught me to not let anything get to me, Castro said.

According to police Rudy Delgado and his daughter Alicia got into an argument that escalated to violence.

Alicia was left with bruises while her father died later at the hospital.

According to an autopsy Rudy died from injuries to his stomach.

She doesn TMt have a mean bone in her body, I don TMt think she could have done anything like that, Castro said.

Rudy TMs wife Zulema Delgado told Action 4 News in an interview two days after the incident that Alicia had caused problems in her marriage after she moved into her home with her two children.

Zulema believes Alicia killed her husband.

He died, his own daughter, his blood daughter, he died because she killed him, Zulema said in the interview.

Castro said the night he died Rudy picked Alicia up from work and appeared depressed.

I was at the register and he came in kind of loud and you could tell he had been drinking, Castro said.

She said Alicia came into work several times with bruises after getting into fights with her father.

Her co-workers believe Alicia was attacked by her father and acted in self-defense.

Although Alicia is not working the owner of Mambo is still paying her wages.

He said he plans to hire an attorney for Alicia to fight the case.

In the meantime, restaurant employees said they stand behind Alicia and believe she is innocent.