Cocaine found in San Benito woman's bra

A woman is behind bars following a disturbance where police later found cocaine in her undergarment.

It all happened on the 200 block of Diaz street in San Benito.

San Benito police allegedly found 30-year-old Monica Lemus arguing with another woman about an incident that occurred in 2007.

The verbal argument allegedly turned physical and Lemus and her husband were asked to leave the property.

Once off the property, officers allegedly noticed that the couple appeared to be intoxicated.

San Benito police placed both of them under arrest for public intoxication.

Once Lemus arrived at the police station, a female officer patted her down and allegedly found a bag filled with cocaine in her bra.

Lemus also had several local warrants as well as a warrant issued from the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Office for possession of a controlled substance.

A San Benito Municipal Court judge set her bond at $10,000 plus an additional $279 fine.