COED Magazine rates South Padre Island as 'trashy'

There TMs no doubt that South Padre Island remains one of the hottest spring break destinations.

We have free rides up and down the island, said Mary Kay Hancock, Special Events Coordinator for the city of South Padre.

We have affordable rates at the hotels, we have entertainment on the beach.

We go all out to make them feel welcomed and happy.

But as the island prepares to welcome thousands of college students this march, city leaders are not very excited about the recent ranking on Coed Magazine's "trashy beaches."

I prefer to be called exciting, young, fresh, energetic, said Hancock. One man's trash may be another man's treasure but the writers of the magazine say it's an honor to be in the trash top ten, quote "where you can have the most amount of fun with the least amount of money."

Most of the visitors on the island right now are not college aged but say they understand the title's true meaning and wouldn't be turned away because of it.

Reporter: And you're staying for spring break?

Winter Texan: Oh definitely. You may be old on the inside but you are young at heart. You just have to join in with them. Call it what you want, the festivities will still continue with or without the trash.

Winter Texan: It's just so much fun. You're with thousands of people, the same age, you fee and it's spring break.

And spring break will more than likely keep calling college kids to the island where they will leave their trash behind.