Cold Blast Prompts Advisories for RGV

Drastically colder temperatures have taken over the Rio Grande Valley courtesy of an Arctic Blast that is affecting large parts of the nation.

Temperatures for Friday aren TMt expected to make it out of the 40 TMs, but it TMs the strong northerly wind that TMs really adding an extra chill to the air.

The combination of cold air and strong wind has resulted in wind chill, or feels like, temperatures in the 30 TMs!

With overnight temperatures expected in the 30 TMs, and wind chills in the 20 TMs, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Advisory.

That will be in effect for all counties from midnight-11 a.m. Saturday.

In addition, a Freeze Warning is in effect for our northern counties, including Kennedy, Brooks, and Jim Hogg, where the risk for temperatures to drop to 32 or below for a prolonged period of time exists.

That is also in effect from midnight-11 a.m.

Light precipitation is possible as rain in the Valley, with the possibility for light freezing rain in Kennedy, Brooks, and Jim Hogg counties if a freeze should occur.

All persons with interests outdoors this weekend are advised to dress warmly in layers and make preparations to care for plants most susceptible to cold, as well as bring animals indoors.