Cold weather conditions could affect your vehicle

A driver never wants to put themselves in any dangerous driving conditions, unfortunately with the bitter temperatures falling you just might.That TMs why Action 4 went straight to the experts at Tipton Ford in Brownsville for answers on the best ways to stay safe on the roadways.Joe Villarreal the Service Advisor at Tipton Ford said one of the most common problems for drivers in this weather is finding themselves in slippery conditions.He advises drivers use their vehicle's mats.You would just put it in the front of the you move forward the floor mat would act as traction," said Villarreal.Or perhaps you may find your vehicle start to hydroplane in that scenario Villarreal advised, The last thing you want to do is apply your brakes heavily.But even with all this in mind Villarreal explained the best way to stay protected is to be prepared.He said always allow your vehicle's engine to warm up, ensure you have enough windshield washer fluid and inspect your tires.Another important to point to keep in mind during these temperatures is your battery and Tipton Ford said they check it for free.Villarreal pointed out that the older the battery the weaker it is and people should inspect that it is clean and clear of corrosion.But perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is your coolant.The service advisor said the coolant travels through the engine and with the cold weather if it's not mixed properly the engine could probably crack.Villarreal said to avoid all this trouble during this weather it's best to stay home.

  • Use Your Headlights All the Time: It's important touse your headlights in the daytime, not so much sothat you can see, but so that other cars can see you,especially in periods of low visibility, Cox said.
  • The rule of thumb is that anytime you need to turnyour wipers on, you should turn your lights on aswell, he noted.
  • Sunglasses in Winter?: Snow can be really bright.Wearing sunglasses in low visibility conditions canhelp with your depth perception, allowing you to seethe rises and dips that may not appear to the nakedeye, Cox said. He advised investing in a pair ofsunglasses with yellow or amber lens.
  • Batteries Can Take a Beating: Severe cold can draina battery of 40 percent of its cranking power, Coxsaid. It's important to have jumper cables and knowhow to use them.
  • Other Essential Winter Driving TipsHere are some other winter driving tips from theBridgestone Winter Driving School.
  • Use winter tires for winter. All-season tires won't getthe same traction in winter as winter tires will.
  • Service your cars before bad weather begins,making sure the braking, suspension, charging andcooling systems are in good order.