Cold weather proving deadly for Valley sea turtles

Cold weather had left sea turtles in distress // Sea Turtle, Inc Photo

Some six sea turtles are dead while another 54 have been rescued as cold weather settles in the Rio Grande Valley.

Sea Turtle, Inc. Director Jeff George said many of those turtles are being kept in tanks inside a heated garage on South Padre Island.

They are expected to survive but volunteers are trying to slowly bring their temperatures back up to normal.

George says the colder water temperatures in the Laguna Madre have exhausted the turtles, leaving the cold-blooded reptiles either stunned or in shock.

If not turtles are found in time, they can die.

All sea turtle species are endangered making their rescue critical.

Volunteers and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) game wardens are searching for any other turtles that wash up.

Experts are asking people to not catch or handle sea turtles themselves because they could be injured or sick.

Anyone who spots a sea turtle is distress is asked to contact Sea Turtle, inc immediately at (956) 761-4511.