College Gadgets for Back to School

Recent high school grads are getting ready to take the next step in their life heading off to college!That means there can be a pretty big gap between themselves and mom and dad.So new technology like tablets and smartphones are the perfect way to stay connected.Marco Garcia with AT&T joined us Tuesday morning with the hottest products on the market!MyHomework: This app allows students to keep track of their classes and assignments. Helping your child stay organized throughout the day!Flash Cards: Stay green while studying! There's an app for that. Instead of buying flash cards in bulk for studying, get the app instead.Evernote: Of course this lets you take notes like normal, but it does so much more. Snap photos of handwritten class notes and whiteboards. With Evernote, you can even search for text within images to find things later.Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: This is the phone that's built for your life. With IP67 certifications, it protects against dust and water that occurs in your daily lives. Also it is made with Gorilla Glass protect against scratches and cracks. With everything back to the normal school year routine, you need a phone that will keep up with it all and won't let you down.Optimus G Pro: With QuickMemo on the Optimus G Pro, you can make notes with your finger on any screen to share your ideas. Also, there's a quick calculator feature that allows you to change the transparency of it.Nokia 1020: The latest Windows Phone with an astounding 41mp camera built in. Utilize the full Microsoft Office suite of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that comes preloaded on every device.MP60 HD Projector-Take your class project to the next level with this portable projector that is small enough to fit in your pocket.It utilizes the same DLP technology that is used in the movie theaters to give a stunning picture. Hook it up to your phone and use it for Powerpoint presentations and videos.iBolt bike mount- If you ride your bike to class for convenience and cost-effectiveness, the iBolt bike mount is a must-have for your ride. Keep your Smartphone accessible, yet protected, on any handlebar. Use GPS applications, listen to music and access all the great features of your Smartphone. Touch screen functionality while in the weather-proof protective case.Plantronics Backbeat Go- Cordless Bluetooth headphones that will keep you connected but won't get tangled on your backpack. These headphones are great for school or working out.Fitbit One: Who needs an alarm clock? Fitbit One can be worn on the wrist and will gently vibrate to wake you up in the morning.During the day, it tracks your steps, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned. At night, it measures your sleep cycle then gives you tips on how to sleep better.iNotebook: iNotebook lets you easily capture handwritten notes, doodles, and random inspiration, and then transfer them to your iPad for easy reference, storage, and sharing at a later date.