Colonia cleans up after murder arson

After an Hidalgo County woman's daughter was killed and her home was burned to the ground, the community is coming together to lend her a hand.

It's been a hard month for Maria del Carmen Herrera.

"Here are the men who killed my daughter but I TMd like to move on, Maria said.

On August 12, Maria's 19-year-old daughter, Stephanie Gonzalez and her unborn child were killed in their San Carlos home before it was set on fire.

Now homeless, Maria's friends and neighbors came together this week bringing not just hands, but heavy duty machinery to help clean up the property and get Maria back on her feet.

Pablo Galavic's daughter is friends with Maria's son.

"As a community we want to help the families here, Pablo said.

Marsha Panola brought her family to help after her pastor shared the family's story.

"My kids are all strong and they like to do that kind of stuff. It's just nice to help somebody out because we all end up in a place where we are in need to its nice to be able to do that, Marsha said.

Grateful for the help, Maria says there is no way she could have done it alone.

"I feel good thanks to them for lending me a hand because it's really hard. It's a lot, cleaning up what was my house. I'm just grateful to everyone, Maria said.

Since losing her home, Maria has depended on the generosity of others to get by and hopes to soon make it on her own.

"I TMm with one friend and then another, its uncomfortable, everyone has their own lives and i don't want to bother them, Maria said.

Maria says she dreams of building a new small home on the property but will need some help making that dream come true.

"If you get all together as one we can accomplish a lot of things and that is what we are trying to do right now, Pablo said.Click here to follow Brett Crandall on FacebookClick here to follow Brett Crandall on Twitter