Combes baby hospitalized, parents in jail

Jesus Trejo

A 1-month-old baby is fighting for his life while his young parents are behind bars for abusing both the boy and his older sister.

Combes police filed injury to a child charges against 20-year-old Karen Barron and 19-year-old Jesus Trejo on Monday.

Court records in the case show that their 1-month-old baby was found at the home off Highway 77 in Combes bleeding from the mouth on Saturday evening.


Investigators believe that the baby boy's arm appeared to have been broken in a previous incident and never treated.

Paramedics rushed the boy to the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

Authorities later airlifted him to a hospital in San Antonio for specialized treatment.

The couple's one-and-a-half-year-old daughter was taken to the Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville.

Court records showed the girl allegedly had a fractured wrist, a healing fractured rib and a bite mark on her left thigh.

Child Protective Services (CPS) placed the girl in foster care.

Court Appearance

Both Barron and Trejo appeared before Cameron County Magistrate Judge Patricia Edelstein on Tuesday morning.

Judge Edelstein issued $150,000 dollars in bonds for each of them.

Jail records show that Judge Edelstein also issued an emergency protective order against both Barron and Trejo.

Both Trejo and Barron remained in at the Cameron County Jail as of Wednesday.

Court Records

Court records show that both Barron and Trejo gave conflicting accounts about what happened.

Trejo allegedly told investigators that he heard their 1-month-old boy crying and then found the boy with a baby wipe in his mouth.

Investigators wrote they found bloodstains and baby clothing with fresh bloodstains in a bedroom and bathroom in the house.

Court records show that doctors told police that the 1-month-old boy had a cut inside his throat.

Trejo told investigators he was in another room while the boy was in a swing.

He told police that he heard the boy crying and found him bleed with a baby wipe in his mouth.

A nurse told police that due to the boy's age, he would have been unable to swallow anything like the cloth or even cry if something was caught in his throat as Trejo claimed.

Court records show that CPS had previously removed the couple's daughter due to physical abuse allegations and recently returned her to them.

Neighbors React

The couple's landlord Irma Longoria lives next door to the couple's mobile home.

Longoria said they seemed like a normal couple that didn't drink, didn't smoke and even went to church.

She said and that the kids appeared fine when she saw them one week before police were called to their mobile home.

"She would take out the swimming pool and the girl would bathe in the water while her mother would be sitting a chair next to her," Longoria recalled. "He would be outside carrying the baby."

Longoria said she and her family were shocked when they heard about the allegations filed against their tenants.

"It surprised me," Longoria said. "It surprised all of us. We never thought this would happen. I don't know what to say."

CPS Case

Action 4 News confirmed that Child Protective Services removed the couple's daughter back in April 2009 when she was only two months old.

A CPS spokesman said the girl was returned to Trejo and Barron back in May 2010.

In addition to their criminal case, the couple now faces a legal battle for custody of their children.

Both Trejo and Barron are expected to face a Child Protective Services judge in Brownsville on Thursday, October 28th.

Action 4 News plans to attend the hearing.