Coming together to keep school children safe

For two years Officer Eleazar Solis has patrolled the streets of Penitas.He said, when out on patrol the risks are high and they never know what they are going to encounter."We're outnumbered heavily, Solis explained.With us being able to work alongside each other---different agencies---it gives us more of an edge."Solis said because of their geographical location many of the chases they have end in or near a school zone---a dangerous combination."We've had several instances where we've had bailouts or pursuits going through school zones so we tend to work closely with La Joya Isd.To make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to respond if tragedy should strike, La Joya ISD Police Chief Raul Gonzalez said they have to prepare."As things happen and we start seeing more and more activity outside of schools, Chief Gonzalez explained.We realize that we need to come back together and look at the probability of what a crisis would create for us."Everyone from the Mission Fire Department to Border Patrol"Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office and other surrounding police departments gathered in a small room at the La Joya Isd Central Office.They had their pens and pads ready"ready for the discussion to begin. "This is all about being able to respond and provide the services that are expected of us, Gonzalez said.Practice makes perfect and that's what we're here for."