Community rallies together to help fire victims rebuild after tragedy

The image has not gotten any easy for Irma Davila.

"I saw that it was an enormous amount of fire and that there was nothing that I could do," Davila said.

She lives just 50 feet from the Robledo home and heard the screams early Sunday morning.

Davila said she even pulled out her own water hose to help tame the growing flames.

But nothing she nor anyone else could do would save the lives of three small children trapped inside.

I used to get home and hear those children playing and laughing and now I hear nothing and I see nothing, Davila started. I TMm having a hard time sleeping. I think, could I have done more? It really bothers me a lot."

Davila told Action 4 News, each day she watches as the memorial for the three lives lost that fateful Sunday morning grows.

She know how difficult it has been for the Robledo family.

To help ease their burdens---she and others have started to collect funds and items to help get their devastated family back on their feet.

"We're trying to raise money for their funerals and so they can start all over again, Davila said. They were left with absolutely nothing. It was a family of 12 and now they are 9 and they need a lot of help."

If you TMd like to help you can call (956) 845-6893.