Community United wins two seats on Hidalgo ISD Board

It was a sweeping Election Day victory for Community United candidates Norma Garza-Torres and Carlos Cardoza Sr. scoring seats in Place 4 and 6 on the Hidalgo ISD school board.

While the November race results were thrown out due to illegal voting, the outcome today remained the same.

"I am the educator, I am the one with the education experience," Torres said. "I am here for the education of the children because the children of today are our future leaders of tomorrow."

The Hidalgo ISD school board race saw one of the highest voter turnouts in the valley with 38 percent of registered voters casting a ballot.

A tight race, Torres defeated incumbent Mentor Cantu with 52 percent of the vote.

Carlos Cardoza Sr. defeated Ralph Garza in place 6 with 51.5 percent.

"That says it all, 60 votes. Like I said earlier, we will see what the people have to say and 60 votes is 60 votes, Cardoza said.

While they may have lost the night, Garza and Cantu say they are holding their heads up high.

"We weren TMt successful today but we gave it everything we had and it was great and I TMm very proud of our work, Garza said.

"I TMm just glad it TMs all over. The kids are going to go forward and I hope they do a good job with our children. Keep it up. They're doing real good, Cantu said.