Company taking over 'The Park Girl' collection payments

Residents living in Park Girl homes will now have to send their payments into a third-party company

A Rio Grande Valley business woman accused of taking thousands of dollars from her customers is out of jail after an Idaho district judge issued her a $10,000.00 fugitive bond.

Jo Leigh Ares, owner The Park Girl in La Feria, was initially arrested Wednesday evening in Boise on outstanding felony warrants out of Cameron County Precint 7 and La Feria.

News of her release is not sitting well with folks who have done business with Ares.

"She's taken advantage of a lot of people, so she needs to be brought back here to the Rio Grande Valley so she can be arraigned, said customers of Ares.

This couple, who wish to remain unidentified, have been living at Greenery Pastures in Weslaco for over two years.

They didn't purchase their home from The Park Girl, as many other families who turned to Action 4 News for help.Instead this family says that several months ago Ares took over payments for their lot and now they're unsure where to send the money.

"We've been paying our lot payments to her but we don't really know if she owns the property, said the couple. Our fear is that someone may come and tell us we need to move within weeks or months.

The couple say even after news of Ares arrest, a man showed up to their home collecting money on behalf of The Park Girl Mobile Home Sales owner.

"I told him you're not on the contract, no offense, said the couple. You could be anybody out here trying to take our money. So as of now we are not going to make our payments until we get to the bottom what TMs going to happen with this property and with the owners.

We spoke to a park girl creditor, Wilshire Finance Partners, a California based investment company.

They said via statement that it will be taking over the collection of payments on the leases pledged to Wilshire.

Wilshire has also hired a bilingual individual who will be reaching out to those tenants wishing to make their current rent payments in person.

Wilshire said they will also attempt to re-direct other tenants whose lease payments will not be collected by Wilshire to the proper parties.

Tenants of The Park Girl may get more information about making their payments by contacting Wilshire at (866) 575-5070

For further information about Wilshire please visit or call (866) 575-5070. California Department of Real Estate License Number 01523207.