Computer-generated video used to recreate fatal Harlingen accident

Dump truck overturns

Harlingen police are using the latest technology to reconstruct a deadly accident that left a teen and two men dead on New Year's Eve.

A computer-generated video recreation is giving Harlingen police an almost exact view of how the fatal crash happened.

The fatal wreck off FM 509 and Haine Drive claimed the lives of a teenager and two men.

Harlingen Police Officer Antonio Maldonado said the video software is used to recreate accidents where there are deaths or serious injuries.

Officer Maldonado said the recreations are often used as evidence in cases that end up in court.

The newly-released video includes the views of drivers from both vehicles: a 2012 Ford F250 and a city dump truck.

Harlingen police gathered information at the scene including tire skid marks and the distances between the two vehicles both before and after the accident.

The video gives a chilling look at what 16-year-old pickup truck driver Miguel Angel Giron and his five passengers all saw just before the crash.

Investigators confirmed 47-year-old Miguel Giron, 14-year-old David Giron and 42-year-old Rafael Antonio Romero were all killed in the accident.

Paramedics rushed the 16-year-old driver as well as 34-year-old Rudery Marcia and 2-year-old Rudery Marcia, Jr. to the hospital.

Harlingen police confirmed that 54-year-old dump truck driver Roberto De La Rosa was not speeding at the time of the accident.

Investigators confirmed that 16-year-old Giron made a left turn from FM 509 onto Haine Drive and crossed into the 18-wheeler's path.

De La Rosa was unable to stop and hit the passenger side of the pickup truck.

A Harlingen Police Department accident report reveals that the pickup truck was insured.

The truck was registered to Rudery Marcia, who lived at the nearby Sierra Apartments, but it's not clear why the 16-year-old Giron was driving.

Neither driver is facing criminal charges but the case will be turned over to the Cameron County District Attorney's Office for review.

Harlingen police also want to remind people that 18-wheelers take longer to brake than smaller vehicles, so it's important to drive with caution.