Concealed handgun requirements lack mental health check

Yearly, close to 500 people come to the American Firing Range in Brownsville to get their concealed handgun license.The state requires that you are a responsible citizen before you even carry a concealed hand gun with you," said Priscilla Saldana with American Firing Range.As part of the process an individual has to fill out an application, be 21 years of age, and undergo an extensive criminal background check, explained Saldana.The applicant then has to answer a questionnaire packet sent by the Texas Department of Public Safety.Along with a 10 hour course from a reputable firearm institution are all factors that are critical for obtaining a concealed weapon license.Yet during this process a person's mental stability is never challenged.Instead according to the Texas Department of Public Safety website, depending on the applicants responses on the past medical history portion, is how DPS determines a person's eligibility to possess a handgun.One example that I can give you is medical pertaining to chemical dependence or ability to exercise sound judgment with respect to proper use and storage of a handgun, explained Saldana.But what if the applicant has never been diagnosed with a mental illness or even depression?How do they detect that? Well according to Saldana they don TMt.She said that Texas Law does not call for a mental evaluation.Meaning that if somebody with dangerous intentions lies about the mental questionnaire, they can potentially still get a conceal weapon license.In reality the determination of whether someone is sane or not depends on your answers.Ironically the Associated Press reports Colton Tooley, the man who opened fire at the UT campus and killed himself, never showed signs of concern.He was apparently known to be book smart, a teacher favorite, and some even pointed out he wouldn't hurt a fly.