Concerned mothers unite to sue anti-depressant makers

A Harlingen law firm is fighting several pharmaceutical companies claiming they did more harm than good to mothers and their children.

The Barrera Law Firm represents four women who have filed suit against the Anti-Depressant makers of Paxil.

They claim the company failed to properly identify the potential side effects in pregnant women.

Attorney Ric Barrera told Action 4 News that the four clients his firm represents were all taking anti-depressant medication while pregnant, and their children, ranging in ages 3 to 6, were born with heart problems as a result.

Barrera said medical experts have reviewed the cases and have found proof that shows the anti-depressant medications are to blame for the birth defects.

He said pharmaceutical companies need to be held accountable when they are putting harmful medications on the market.

"We look at the totality of all the circumstances, said Barrera. The human factor always comes first.

According to Barrera,many medical studies have linked birth defects such as cleft lip, heart problems and clubbed feet to these type of medications and the women who prove their case are generously compensated