Condom filled sewage sufferers get help

Human feces, toilet paper and used condoms washing up and into a Harlingen neighborhood through spewing manhole off 1st Street and Coolidge.

The response of Harlingen WaterWorks, nothing can be done, it's an "act of nature".

"I'm sorry they said that, but there has to be a solution, even if it costs the city money it has to be done."

We called on City Commissioner District 4 Chino Sanchez who was appalled by the what we showed on Action 4 news at 10 to come see it for himself.

"This is terrible. They shouldn't have to be living like this."

Harlingen Public Works crews and WaterWorks crews did respond to our Call 4 Action Monday, but there wasn't much done here since soggy soiled toilet paper and at least one condom are still floating around the manhole which is located just feet away from Xavier Jaramillo's backyard and the front yard of his neighbors where children live and play.

"When the lift station was here that never happened and then they closed that off and this started happening," said Jaramillo.

"We need to fix it there are no excuses for that," said Sanchez.

After walking the same bacteria filled muddy path that these residents have to step through everyday, Sanchez is disturbed by what is happening here and even more so by the lack of effort to find a solution by the people who are in charge of this manhole.

"This is part of my district and I cannot leave my community like this and with that smell."

Sanchez plans to take the issue before the city council and Harlingen Water Board at their next meetings and encourages residents affected by the sewage spillover to attend.

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