Congressional District 15 Run-off Candidate Visits Valley, Reminds People to Vote

With run-off elections just around the corner, candidates like Dale Brueggemann are traveling around the state to get the vote out.

"I'm just out seeing people that are interested in the election, meet me, and learn a little bit about me," Brueggemann said.

At the Hampton Inn hotel in Mission, Brueggemann enlightened potential voters about his ongoing campaign to beat his opponent Eddie Zamora.

The winner of the run-off will have to face incumbent, Democratic Congressman Ruben Hinojosa.

Politics aside, Brueggemann says he's just a small business owner taking his first run for office.

"I pretty much am just a common sense, common man type of guy, he said. I have my own ideas about liberty, what's good about our country, what we need to do about it."

He tells valley voters during this stop that he would focus on local issues which also impact the state, and ultimately the nation.

"The McAllen area the unemployment rate is the highest in the state in the area, he said. It has been for some time. It's reduced a little bit in recent months, but still higher than anywhere else. I would immediately try to work on those kind of problems in this district."

But Brueggemann's main message to people in the valley is to just to use their voice, and come out and vote.

"We know voter turnout is usually very low for those type of things, I'm going to ask people to please come out and vote. You need to do it. It is your civic right.

The run-off date is set for July 31st.