Congressional hearing displays politics and consensus

Immigration crisis congressional committee hearing in McAllen

Sitting in front of the House Homeland Security committee, Governor Rick Perry had a few heated members with democratic committee members.

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell of California did not let up on Governor Rick Perry arguing over the root cause as to why tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors are illegally migrating from Central America to south Texas.

Some on the committee passing blame on the other party.

The ranking member for the committee democrat Sheila Jackson Lee said Washington is not to blame.

"This is not that result of any pronouncement of the federal government that to come one, come all, this is a humanitarian crisis and the nation should deal with it, Jackson Lee said.

Members on both sides of the aisle all expressed deep concern for the well-being of the children coming to the U.S. and the situations they face in their home countries.

All agreed the United States must improve security and work with these Central American governments and Mexico to help stem the tide of immigrants from coming north.

These are children not terrorists and they need our care and I think our caring for them will be the largest response to stopping catastrophe in Central America," Jackson Lee said.

Immigration advocacy groups, like LUPE, share the sentiment that Washington needs to work with the leaders of the countries these children are coming from.

If they can seek safe ground in other countries like Nicaragua or Belize, then it will be a safer situation, because they won TMt be in the hands of drug cartels," LUPE spokesperson John Michael Torres said.

But members of the Objective Watchdogs of the Legal System or OWLS say it sounded like Republicans won TMt act unless border security is part of the equation.

They seem to care about our security because that TMs what we have to do right now, secure our borders," Fern McClarity said.