Congressman & Valley leaders monitor flooding

Hurricane Alex and Tropical Depression Two brought heavy rainfall and flooding to the Rio Grande Valley and northern Mexico.

"It was an event sent to us by God...a Mother Nature event," said Hidalgo County Emergency Management Coordinator Tony Pea.

The flood gates were opened last week releasing some of the water sending it flowing through the Rio Grande River and the floodways that flow through the Valley.

"I have to say I was overwhelmed with how high the river was Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 that I worked with the IBWC," said U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa.

Congressman Hinojosa said the river leveled at 37 feet on Saturday , but by Sunday, Hinojosa said the river crest at 56.9 feet.

"Record high and the levees holding nice and strong," said Hinojosa.

Over the past three years, over $400 million dollars in federal funds has gone to fix all the levees in Hidalgo and Cameron counties.

"As a result, we've been spared the flooding that our neighbors in Laredo and Starr county are experiencing," said Hinojosa.

The area operations manager for IBWC said everything's going according to plan.

He said the floodwaters could reach Laguna Madre by next week.

While the floodwaters may reach the Laguna Madre within a week, residents need to be aware of road closures affected by the floodwaters.

Officials are asking for patience as the deflooding and cleanup could last up to a month.