Congressman Cuellar disappointed in Obamacare rollout

From a website that doesn't work, to policies cancelled and then reinstated, the rollout of the Affordable Care Act has created a lot of confusion.

To help sort through it all, U.S. representative Henry Cuellar TMs office is hosting a health insurance marketplace workshop this weekend to help residents in the valley get enrolled.

More than 38 percent of those who live in Hidalgo County do not have health insurance; some of them have never had insurance.

"We want to clarify that there are four options that they can look into," said Cuellar TMs Mission office outreach coordinator Alexis Gallegos. "We have the 1-800 number, we have paper applications and the online process. So we will go through all those steps with individuals and show them the different options available for them."

If you've had trouble with the online process, you can finish the application on paper with navigators and volunteers willing to help.

"We have all the accurate information there," Gallegos said. "They can inquire with all the different agencies that will be there,

An early supporter of the president TMs signature legislation, Cuellar is not happy about the rollout.

"I TMm disappointed that the president has not fixed this," Cuellar told Action 4 News in a phone interview Friday. "They should have had it ready. They paid the contractor a lot of money and I think they ought to ask for some of that money back.

But Cuellar says the law is still good and is already helping thousands of families in his district.

"It TMs a very good law, but keep in mind the website is only one part. Think about the thousands of kids that can already stay on their insurance from age 22-26. Think about the seniors who now get free preventive care, Cuellar said.

Once all the bugs are worked out Cuellar says Americans will be better off because the new exchange introduces two things, competition and choice.

"There's more insurance companies that will be competing and there's certainly more choices of plans that will be available and there will be some discounts, some tax credits available for them, Cuellar said.

The workshop will be held Saturday, November 16 at the Speer Memorial Libarary in Mission from 10 am " 4 pm.