Congressman speaks about Mexican helicopter

A U.S. Congressman spoke to Action 4 News about a Mexican military helicopter's incursion into a rural community near Falcon Dam.

The Mexican chopper made an unauthoritized entry into American airspace in the Zapata County community of Falcon Heights last week causing an uproar among Rio Grande Valley residents.

Action 4 News spoke with U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) about the situation over the weekend.

Zapata County is included in Cuellar's district, which spans from Laredo to parts of Hidalgo County.

Cuellar told Action 4 News he had a classified meeting about the issue on Friday.

It TMs been confirmed that one of the helicopters from Mexico did come over, Cuellar said. No hostility, of course. Proper notifications have been sent and we TMre going to keep those lines of communications open.

Witnesses said the helicopter had a Mexican Navy logo, armed men inside and the cargo ramp down.

Although Cuellar reassures that there was no hostility and officials on both sides of the border will communicate more, Valley residents are still uneasy given the increasing violence in Mexico.

That TMs kind of scary knowing that any aircraft can fly over us, and anything could happen to any of us, said concerned citizen David Lopez.

Blanca Villarreal agreed.

It TMs scary for us because we TMre closer to the border, and there are more things that happen here than anywhere else, the Valley woman said.

Villarreal said the a helicopter flying in from another country coming into the United States unauthoritized worries her.

We should have more security"tighter security, she said. Because it makes us afraid of what TMs going on, and what if they come over here where we TMre at?

Congressman Cuellar said Mexican officials are trying to combat crime just like the officials on this side of the border.

He said what happened last week was an isolated situation.

The important thing is that the Mexican officials and the U.S. officials are communicating, he said. We TMre going to keep the communication lines open.