Congressmen Fighting For Law Enforcement Funding

Violence along the border continues to heat up, and local law enforcement hope that federal funding will come their way.Action 4 news spoke with Penitas police chief, Oscar Ontiveros, about the need for more funding about a month ago."There's no law enforcement between here and Penitas," said Chief Ontiveros. "They just come through the opening here, pick up and go back to the dirt road and take off."Ontiveros said drugs are not the only problem they have, Thursday afternoon a man attempted to smuggle 20 to 25 illegal immigrants in the U.S."The vehicle refused to stop and led police on a pursuit on Tom Gil road," said Ontiveros.The driver swerved in and out of traffic, narrowly missing innocent motorists.Chief Ontiveros said the guys conduct surveillance on them (the police) at all times.He said Thursday was no exception."We were tied up with traffic control yesterday, said Ontiveros. I'm pretty sure they took advantage of that."While they were able to apprehend the suspects--Ontiveros said his department could use more funding.He said he hopes Valley Congressmen will be able to do that."We need more officers and personnel to be out on the road."