Construction along Highway 77 causes many chips and nicks for windshields

Clarissa Aguilar and her husband live in Los Fresnos but travel through Highway 77 every day.

Aguilar goes to work in San Benito and her husband takes the children to school in Brownsville.

She said those recent commutes have become a chip on their shoulder, or rather on their vehicle's windshield.

"As other commuters are traveling beside us, (and) throwing up the loose gravel, cracking our windshields," Aguilar said.

The damage is evident on Aguilar's Jeep.

She claims the chips - big and small - came from the gravel left behind along the highway construction site. Aguilar said the chips are bound to become hazardous when she gets behind the wheel.

(I) can TMt even count them anymore because there are so many nicks and cracks, Aguilar said.

But as you can see, they are running and they're going to get in our view."

Aguilar said the flying gravel also become dangerous projectiles for those traveling on motorcycles.

"We were driving down (Highway) 77 and there was a motorcyclist right next to us - not only is our vehicle being nicked but what's happening to those commuters? Aguilar said.

The concerned driver said she contacted the Texas Department of Transportation, but they told her it's the contractor TMs responsibility to clean the pebbles left behind during construction.

She adds she contacted that company, and has yet to receive a response.

Aguilar said she just wants the company to do a better job of cleaning up their work space and prevent more chips on drivers TM windshields.