Contractor fixes woman's roof for free

The sound of power tools and hammering nails fill Yvonne Vacca's home.

But those sounds are music to her ears, knowing her home is finally getting fixed.

She originally hired Ponce General Contractors to repair her roof after a damaging hail storm back in March.

But Vacca says Ponce left her high and dry, taking her money and leaving the job undone.

That is, until one company heard about Mrs. Vacca's story, and decided to come to her rescue.

All at no charge.

"I explained it to them, and the owner told me 'We'll do it for free. We'll help you out TM" Mrs. Vacca said.

"Contractors always get a bad name, said Trey Mannix, partner for IGB Exteriors. So I figured, why not?"

The IGB Exteriors sign outside of Vacca TMs home shows a stamp of approval from the Better Business Bureau.

It TMs now been almost four months that Mrs. Vacca has hoped for this job just to be completed.

Now, she says her roof will be done in just three days.

But that TMs three days of tireless work from the roofing labor crew.

Mannix said there was no way Mrs. Vacca would have received the kind of repair she needed with Ponce Contracting.

"This is a specialty roof, Mannix said. And [Ponce] did the same thing to a lot of people, and one reason was that he was cheap priced. You can't go with cheap price, not on these specialty roofs.

But through all the headaches dealing with Ponce General Contractors, Mrs. Vacca is all smiles now, and says she can sleep comfortably knowing her damaged house will now become a comfortable home again.

The labor team told Action 4 News that doing this job for free is not only rewarding, but the right thing to do.

"It's important because it makes me feel good, said labor team leader Freddy Gonzalez. Doing things for other people is good. Sometimes it's not for the money, it's whatever makes you feel good."