Controversial 'narcofilm' not being shown in border cities

It's a black comedy about a taboo subject.

"El Infierno" is the story about "Benny," a Mexican immigrant deported from the United States.

Benny, played by Mexican actor Damian Alcanzar, returns to his hometown only to get involved in drug trafficking for lack of a better option.

The disillusioned immigrant quickly finds a wold of drugs, women, easy money and violence.

"El Infierno" came out September 3rd in major cities across Mexico but its subject matter have generated controversy on both sides of the border.

The film depicts the drug trade during a time when 28,000 people have been killed south of the border as Mexican President Felipe Calderon wages war on drug traffickers.

But the movie is not being shown in border cities such as Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana.

The cities have been witnesses to the worst violence in the drug war.

Action 4 News spoke to the Mexico City-based producers of the movie, Bandido Films.

They say the movie will be start being shown in the border cities starting September 24th.

They say it wasn't shown along the border for distribution reasons and not due to any controversy or ongoing drug violence.