Controversy continues for suspended San Benito superintendent

Superintendent Antonio Limon remains on suspension

San Benito CISD board members cannot come to an agreement on the state of their superintendent TMs office.

Board members discussed the possibility of reinstating suspended superintendent Antonio Limon.

The San Benito School Board stands divided.

Tuesday night, Oscar Medrano, Anna Cruz, and Hector Leal were outnumbered. They want to see Antonio Limon reinstated as the superintendent, but that proposal was shot down, continuing to cost the school district some big bucks.

Longtime Superintendent Antonio Limon remains on suspension.

Nearly three months ago, the board voted to strip Limon of his power and named an interim superintendent-all at the cost of the taxpayer.

"I'm a taxpayer and it bothers me when they are using my taxpayers money to move forward an agenda that doesn TMt make any sense to me," said San Benito school board member Oscar Medrano.

According to some, taxpayer dollars are being misappropriated.

The school district has racked up more than a $40,000 bill by paying the interim superintendent $717 a day for the last three months.

The board must also pay Limon his annual salary of $162,000 year.

It TMs just ridiculous. There is absolutely no information given to me, Ana, or Hector Leal or any of the board members from the president [making it hard] at this time for us to move forward. And we can move forward like that," said Medrano

Tuesday night, the board shot down a vote to bring Limon back.

Action 4 News did speak to board president Yliana Gonzalez this morning. We asked her about the situation with the superintendent TMs office and the allegations against Limon, but she told us she could not comment until after 5pm.

"Here we are fighting amongst ourselves which we shouldn't be doing. To be honest we should be working together, but we're not" said a frustrated Medrano.

Medrano tells Action 4 News he feels betrayed and the lack of unity affects more than taxpayer - it affects the students and the district TMs budget.

"At the end of the day it does affect our students, because that's money that would go back to the students," he said.