Convicted murderer in solitary confinement writes to Action 4 News

Brisna Mireles

He had his day in court but never said a word in his defense.

Now convicted murderer Aroldo Cadriel is reaching out to Action 4 News claiming authorities deceived and manipulated the jury.

This letter was written by Aroldo Cadriel from his Cameron County jail cell and sent directly to Action 4 News. He claims he was wrongly convicted in the death of his 20-year-old lover Brisna Mireles.

In the letter, he claims there was not any direct evidence, and he said Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz is a "notorious corruption machine."

Cadriel went on to write, "the district attorney's side of the story (was) made up of lies, deception, fabrication and manipulation."

Those are the words of convicted killer 67-year-old Cadriel wrote, referring to his recent trial. Brisna Mireles' body was discovered on the frontage road of Expressway 77 in Combes, back on March 2012. She was shot multiple times. A jury sentenced Cadriel to life in prison for the murder, just recently, on December 13, 2013. Two days later, on December 15th, he wrote the letter to Action 4 News. In it he claims there was false testimony presented since according to him, investigators took written statements from witnesses that can't read, write or even speak English. He adds video evidence was lost, the case affidavit was deceptive, manufactured, and intentionally fabricated by the district attorney's office, and his constitutional rights were violated. Cadriel calls his conviction wrongful and insists his side of the story was never heard.

Then, refers to himself as a "true son of justice."

In closing, he wrote "one man... One fight... Army of one... Seeking justice for the innocent in prison... Freedom is not the last word -it is part of the story."

Action 4 News sent a copy of the letter to District Attorney Luis Saenz.

He declined to comment on the matter at this time.

Cadriel is being held in the Cameron County Jail in solitary confinement.

The legal battle is not over because Cadriel is looking to appeal his conviction, and as of now he is without any legal representation.