Cool beginning at Barrera Elementary School

Students at Elma Barrera Elementary School in Santa Rosa ended the 2010-2011 school year in the heat, after the air conditioning system went out.

However, Superintendent of Schools Heriberto Villarreal said the system is working now, just in time to welcome the 560 incoming students at the school.

A/C units were blowing cool air throughout classrooms and hallways Tuesday, much different than in May.

Villarreal said the system failed because it's old.

One incoming 4th grade student said, "The kids were not being able to do their work because they were complaining that they are hot."

Villarreal said they ordered a new A/C system back in June, but it's not expected to arrive in until September.

Villarreal also said he realizes the system they are relying on now is on its last life line, and hopes it lasts until the new on gets here.

Administrators have sent-out letters to inform parents of the situation.

Villarreal said that if at any point the system fails again, they will not leave students or staff in the heat - they plan to bus students to the nearby middle school campus, bring in fans or end the school day early if they have to.

Some parents told Action 4 News that they trust school administrators will do the right thing, but will also arm their children with water bottles and ice packs to fight the heat, if necessary.

Villarreal said they're keeping a watchful eye on the A/C, until the new system arrives in September.