Cops: Thieves steal textbooks in baby strollers

Jessica Zamarripa // HCSD

Students who need textbooks for the new semester might have to go on the waiting list after authorities arrested two individuals linked to an organized book crime.

A man and woman were arrested after allegedly stealing textbooks from Neebo Bookstore at the University of Texas " Pan American.

According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department, Mauricio Perales Jr. and Jessica Zamarripa stole $2,629.24 worth of textbooks from the university bookstore over four days.

Documents obtained by Action 4 stated that Perales and Zamarripa used strollers with young children inside to hide the textbooks in.

On the first day of the crime, 26-year-old Perales and an unidentified woman both came into the store with strollers.

The woman is seen in the surveillance video putting a textbook on top of the stroller.

Perales and the woman then moved the children and put the textbook, valued at $200, behind one of the children and exited the store Jan. 13.

The pair enterered the store three more times that same day and stole three more textbooks by hiding them in the stroller and by Perales putting them in his pants.

A total of $876 worth of books were taken the first day.

The next day, Perales and 22-year-old Zamarripa went into the store with a stroller Jan. 14.

Authorities said Perales placed two textbooks in his pants again.

Zamarripa stole two books by covering them with the child TMs blanket in the stroller.

A total of $1,202.74 worth of textbooks were stolen.

According to documents, Perales entered the store again with a stroller and child Jan. 16.

He allegedly stole three textbooks worth $513.25, hidden in the stroller.

On the third day of the crime, Perales and Zamarripa entered the store a total of four times.

They stole four books by hiding them behind the children in the stroller.

A total of $594.50 of merchandise was stolen.

Authorities arrested the pair and charged them with engaging in organized criminal activity.

A bond of $2,000 was set for Perales and Zamarripa.

The 26-year-old remains behind bars while Zamarripa posted bail.