Could oral sex cause throat cancer?

Could oral sex be the cause of more cases of throat cancer than smoking?

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, previously tobacco and alcohol were known to be the main causes of throat cancer, but more and more researchers are finding oral sex could be a bigger trigger.

It TMs blamed for about 72 percent of throat tumors in men.

"You hear oral sex and you don't think of cancer," said 19 "year-old Ivan Gonzales.

But according to researchers focusing on throat cancer, many cases are being linked to oral sex.

"I had never heard of anything like that before," said 21-year-old Nao Sanchez."It's just kind of like whoa! It's kind of crazy."

In fact a recent report by the Journal of Clinical Oncology finds that as many as 72 percent of throat tumors in men may be linked to the Human Papillomavirus or HPV.

Doctors said the virus spreads to men's throats mainly through oral sex.

"Anything that would obviously would transport the virus from the genital area into the mouth would be the cause of exposure of the head and neck to HPV," said Medical Oncologist Suresh Ratnam.

Ratnam said many times the person carrying the HPV virus doesn't show any symptoms, but there are some things to look out for.

"If someone has a history of having warts or genital sores|if that history is something that one gets to find out about that is something that one should make aware that that person may have been exposed to the virus," said Ratnam.

That's why Ratnam said you should take steps to keep yourself protected.

"It opens up your mind, and so it just makes you think more and you just have to be more careful with what you're doing and be more responsible," said Sanchez.

If you TMre afraid you could have contracted the virus look out for a sore throat that doesn TMt go away, difficulty swallowing, and the enlargement of tonsils or growths on the tonsils and get checked with your doctor.To view the study click here.