Councilman Casar confirms large amount of ICE arrests in N. Austin

In a post on his personal Facebook page Friday morning, Austin District 4 City Council member Greg Casar confirmed "a large amount of Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions in Austin in the last 24 hours, particularly in the North Lamar and Rundberg area."

In a statement, ICE said:

ICE conducts operations daily nationwide. ICE does not conduct random sweeps; all ICE operations are based on investigative leads. By removing from the streets criminal aliens and other threats to the public, ICE helps improve public safety.

Another Facebook viewer sent CBS Austin a video they recorded live of an alleged ICE arrest in the same area.

Casar believes ICE is "in public arresting people in order to retaliate against our community for standing up for our values against people like Abbott and Trump."

Also on Friday morning, an ICE officer was injured during an arrest in northwest Austin.

Next week, Casar said Austin City council is scheduled to make emergency appropriations to make sure undocumented immigrants who can’t afford legal help, have access to it.

At a press conference Friday, Casar said he and other advocates are going to do everything in their power, under the law, to stand up for immigrant communities. He believes many other city leaders are behind him.

"Being inclusive and welcoming, and protecting public safety, and prioritizing peoples civil rights over a political fight...those are Austin values," said Casar. "And, I believe those values are reflected in our council and in our Mayor."

Council Member Delia Garza said she wants more answers from ICE about the latest round of targeted enforcement in Austin.

"Explain what's going on," said Garza. "That's what this community deserves. If its legal and lawful, let us know."