Counselors say parents play big role in helping students grieve

The makeshift memorial for Marissa Bauman grows with each passing hour.

Her Friday morning death was sudden and unexpected, and left many of her friends and classmates visibly shaken.

Glenda McClendon, the counseling coordinator for McAllen High School, said those type of feelings are very normal at that age.

"For some of them this is their first loss to experience, so they TMre having feelings about ~oh my goodness TM I can lose someone," she said.

McClendon added that many students stopped by her office on Friday, after they learned about the accident that took Marissa TMs life as she was walking to school.

They brought a friend along with them that they thought maybe were a little shy to come on their own, so please do that," she advised.

The important thing she added, is hearing them out.

But that task is not just for counselors; McClendon said it all begins at home with parents.

"I think that the most important thing is really give them that full attention and listen to them," she said.

As parents, she said it is also important to recognize when a grieving student might need more help.

"Sometimes listen to what they TMre not saying, she warned. The child that TMs outgoing and now is not talking and not wanting to be with anyone, or the real quiet child that TMs now really loud and noisy."

Grief counselors will remain on the McAllen High School campus for several days.

McClendon said her door will always be open.

"The young lady apparently had a lot of friends and was well liked and so her friends were really grieving over that loss," she concluded.

The public viewing for Marissa Bauman will take place Sunday from 3-7 p.m. at the Palm Valley Church, located on Griffin Parkway, just east of Stewart Road in Mission.