Counterfeit cash lands two men behind bars in Brownsville

Mario Flores-Castillo // Brownsville Police Department

Two men are behind bars after authorities allegedly caught them with $600 bucks in counterfeit cash.

Brownsville police arrested Mario Flores-Castillo and Juan Gabriel Falcon early Wednesday morning.

Investigators said it happened on the 3500 block of International Boulevard just after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Officers pulled their car over after Falcon allegedly failed to stay in his lane.

Police said both Flores-Castillo and Falcon appeared to be drunk.

Castillo is accused of having a fake one hundred dollar bill in his pocket.

Officers found six more counterfeit hundred dollar bills in the center console.

Falcon is charged with DWI, forgery and having fictitious license plates.

Police charged Flores-Castillo with forgery, failure to identify and forgery.