County urging residents to stay safe during firework season

In 2011, an estimated 9,600 hospital emergency room treated firework related injuries and four fire-work related deaths were reported.

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, the Cameron County Emergency Management (Fire Marshall Service) wants residents to stay safe this year.

They suggest people pay attention to their surroundings. Make sure you are not standing near hay, gasoline or other flammable materials.

Make sure the fireworks are not landing near people, animals, homes, automobiles or flammable materials.

Fireworks are explosive devices and they can cause serious burns.

The Fire Marshal Service advises people to use their best judgment. Alcohol and firworks do not mix.

Some things never to do are point fireworks at other people and to never shoot fireworks into metal or glass containers.

Fireworks should be left to adults. Children should never handle fireworks, especially without adult supervision.

Keeping a hose or bucket of water nearby is essential. They advice people to pour the water on used fireworks and to use the hose or bucket to put out a fire.

Also, never hold fireworks while lighting them and place them on a hard, flat surface instead.

Never pick up or try to re-light used dud fireworks.

The county is also advising people to stay away from aerial fireworks which include roman candles, bottle rockets and large fireworks (M-80). They are a major source of fire and injuries and they pack a dangerous explosive punch.

Residents should take precautions by supervising their children and by having easy access to water source when setting off fireworks, said Emergency Management Coordinator Humberto Barrera. We want people to enjoy their celebrations safely and responsibly.

Anyone who would like more information or has any questions can contact the Cameron County Judge TMs Division of Emergency Management and Fire Marshal Service at (956) 547-7000.