Couple allegedly steals $6,100 in make-up

Stolen Make-Up

An Edinburg couple has been arrested on felony theft charges in San Benito.

Police there said 30-year-old Genraro Castillo and his wife 28-year-old Ana Laura Castillo stole over $6,100 worth of make-up and other hygiene products, on two separate occasions in March.

The first happened on March 10 and the second time on March 23.

According to San Benito Police the husband and wife duo would go to the store about closing time, with walkie-talkies in hand and ready to stock-up on merchandise.

Police said the couple would then place a bucket in their shopping cart, fill it with items, then cover it with an air filter to hide the make-up. The theft prevention team at H-E-B was on the look-out for the couple which was finally busted Wednesday night. They are charged with felony theft for a $40,000 bond each. San Benito Police said they may also be wanted in connection to crimes in Brownsville, Mission and Edinburg.