Coupons yield hundreds in savings for Harlingen woman

Coupons for Rosie Cavazos are like cash in the bank so if she spots one, she won't let it go to waste.

"I've gone dumpster digging. I ask family and friends for their coupons, get bargain books. I get my coupons, we clip, we sort and then we look through the flyers."

She keeps each coupon filed neatly in a large binder which is organized by product and even which aisle they are shelved in the store.

It's a tedious process, but Rosie says altogether these little pieces of paper are worth a lot.

"I've saved $500 or more in the last 2 months."

She has saved so much she now wants to share the wealth.

"There's a little catch you have to look for like, Tide Release gives you $3 off, and then this one says ~any tide product TM so I combined them for $4 and the product was $3.99. I got it for free."

Rosie's even figured out additional savings at certain stores like Walgreens where she's been banking on their register rewards.

"You buy 2 products and get $4 register rewards, plus they are 2 for $2, so I'm gonna pay $6 for 2 of these, they're gonna give me $4 rewards and I can turn around and use it for paper towels, milk, sodas."

Rosie has a dining table covered from one side to the other with rows of products like bar-b-que sauce, body wash, and hair spray, most of which was free.

"It has helped us a lot because instead of using that money towards the necessities that we need, we use it toward gas or meat since there are no coupons for meat."

Still, coupon users beware, not all stores are coupon customer friendly.

Rosie says HEB will not double up on coupons like some other stores.

Rosie says don't be discouraged, there are opportunities to save at every corner.

"If they tell you that you can only use 10 coupons per transaction, then you say here are my 10, cash me out and here are my other 10, cash me out."

Rosie wants to meet with other coupon enthusiasts once a month to share ideas and says there TMs absolutely no fee.

She would just like to find a meeting place that won TMt charge either and says there TMs no coupon for that!

A link to Rosie TMs facebook page can be found on Marcy Martinez TMs facebook fan page.