Court date for 'Park Girl" reset

Trial date for JoLeigh Ares also known as "the Park Girl" has been pushed back.

The trial was scheduled to begin Monday, but was moved to September 16th at the request of her new attorney, Ernesto Gamez.

Gamez requested the trial date be reset Thursday morning while appearing for announcement in front of State District Judge Elia Cornejo Lopez.

He told the judge he needed more time to review the case against Ares and present information to the court.

Judge Cornejo Lopez granted Gamez's request and moved the trial back three months.

According to Gamez "there are multiple issues of concern that have not legitimately been explained to the court just yet. There's much here that seems to be civil."

Gamez adds he believes Aires is innocent.

Ares is accused of deceiving residents who purchased mobile homes from her and theft of building materials.

Ares has pleaded not guilty.