Courtroom reacts to teen murderer's 90-year-sentencing

Tiffany Galvan's mother reacts to her daughter's killer's sentence.

A 90 year prison sentence is handed down for Brownsville teenager Javier de la Rosa.

On August 25, 2010, the Lopez High School football player, who was 16 at the time, picked up Tiffany Galvan from her mom TMs house, and she was never seen alive again.

The 17 year-old Los Fresnos senior was found stabbed to death at a Brownsville park, her body left to rot near a trail.

He tore out my life, said Maria Esther Galvan, Tiffany TMs mother. He ruined my life and took the love of my life, everything I had.

Galvan has mixed feelings on the day her daughter's murderer finally faced his fate.

She's pleased there is some justice served but said no amount of time behind bars will bring her only child back to life.

It TMs been very hard because I TMve had to learn to live with pain in my heart, said Maria. But I thank God I made it through.

De la Rosa's family was also in court but declined comment following the jury's sentence.

His attorney spoke instead.

I obviously think that 90 years is a little bit too excessive, said Rick Canales. I think that all the factors that could TMve been taken into consideration weren TMt. And I stand my ground with what I said earlier; trying a 16 year-old in the adult system is too harsh. The lead prosecutor said the punishment fits the crime.

A young girl's voice was silenced suffering a brutal death and now the person who did it to her, regardless of his age, must pay the price.

This was as cold a murder as I TMve ever seen, said Chuck Mattingly.You have a young man murdering who is supposed to be the mother of his child. There was a high concentration of stab wounds in the abdomen area where the womb would have been and that tells you a lot about the person who was committing this murder.

Tiffany's mom always vowed to stay the course even if it meant learning graphic details about her daughter's murder and on this day she can finally breathe a small sigh of relief.