Courtroom showdown for church bells controversy

Father Roy Snipes in court

Supporters of a Mission priest packed a municipal courtroom as he pleaded not guilty to violating a city ordinance.

The municipal courtroom in Mission was filled with supporters for Father Roy Snipes all the way to the hallway.

Father Snipes is accused of playing loud music of church bells from speakers located at the top of a tower at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Gabriel Rodriguez, who lives across the street from the Catholic church, filed the complaint.

The bells are played every hour during the day and stop at 10 p.m.

Despite the complaint by Rodriguez, supporters of Father Roy said the bells and music are important for the church.

Attorneys for Father Roy filed a motion to dismiss the trial.

The judge gave them 10 days and the trial will continue Nov. 22nd.

Father Roy said he is surprised by the complaint because he normally gets more complaints when the bells aren TMt ringing.

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