Cousin mourns 13-year-old killed in weekend crash

13-year-old cousin

It has been a little over 24 hours that Julexy Alvarez TMs cousin heard the horrifying news that her cousin was dead.

"Police told her parents and then they started calling everybody." Both 13-years-old , Yumarely Alvarez and Julexy Alvarez had more in common than just blood.

They were quick to make conversation with anybody and were nowhere near being classified as shy.

But Julexy stood out in a crowd, her cousin said, and not because she was taller than everyone and had beauty unlike any other, but she knew how to make people smile.

"She was always making jokes, she was really funny." Julexy was enjoying her summer off from middle school in Mission by taking trips with her aunt, uncle and 3-year-old cousin to South Padre Island.

"She was always with them." The fun loving group would attempt to visit the beach every Saturday according to Yumarely, but had changed the routine to Sundays.

Sunday, June 30th marked their last.

"It's just hard to believe. It doesn't seem real, Yumarely Alvarez said, She now reminisces on the last time she saw her cousin and how special every moment with her was.

It is all she can do since the next time she will be near Julexy Alvarez will be at her funeral. Justice of the Peace Juan Mendoza said the victims TM bodies have not been released to the families because autopsies were ordered.