Cousin of Ray Marchan speaks out about death

Pat Marchan, cousin of Ray Marchan speaks out about death.

Action 4 News was able to speak to Pat Marchan, cousin of attorney Ray Marchan who jumped off the Queen Isabella Causeway on Thursday.

Marchan said his cousin had not been himself lately, but he didn't think things would end up like this.

"He wasn't his usual self that's for sure," Marchan said.

Pat Marchan, former Port Isabel mayor, said the last time he saw his cousin was about a month ago.

He said he took his 3 1/2 year sentence to federal prison hard. he wasn't his happy easy going self.

Ray Marchan was found guilty on all counts for his role in the bribery scandal involving former District Judge Abel Limas.

"He seemed to think that he was being picked on more than others for what he thought was more trivial than what others had done and I tend to agree," Marchan said.

Furthermore, Marchan said his cousin was extremely bothered that he was found guilty for simply helping Limas as any friend would help another.

"He was very disappointed that at one point he and Limas were the best of friends and he told me that what he did for him he did as a friend he did it in no way trying to do anything else and they were friends."

Although the former Brownsville attorney thought his punishment was too harsh, Marchan told Action 4 News he had kept positive about serving less time due to good behavior.

"Well you always like to have hope but everything points to what has happened and it had taken a toll on him, Marchan said. I just thought that it would never come to this, not to this. I really thought he could get through this. He was young and would bounce back."

Marchan said he wants people to know his cousin had a big heart, who helped many people.

Ray Marchan left behind an 18-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter.