Cowboys not mourning death, celebrating a life

It was just a week ago that family and friends of Ricardo Ramos, Jr. said their final goodbyes.

Saturday thousands of cowboys and cowgirls rounded up for a good cause.

They came together for a roping benefit in honor of the 18-year-old shot and killed just before the new year.

On Sunday December 30th ,18 year old Ricardo Ramos Jr. was shot in the head.

According to Cameron County Sheriff Lucio, it was Ramos 13-year-old cousin that fired that fatal shot.

The family and friends say they are not mourning his death they are celebrating his life.

It TMs one element like the art of roping that brings this community together. Ricardo Ramos Jr. loved to rope and ride and now the community wants to help out the family with their expenses.

Mike Trejo said Ricky comes from generations of cowboys and remembers Ricky roping before he could even reach the stirrups.

"This was his passion, there TMs no words that can describe how grateful we are, thank you to everyone that donated and everyone that took their time| thank you it really means a lot, this was his passion there TMs no better family to be a part of than the team roping family, I can say that from my heart," his sister said.

"This kid had a lot of talent he was going to go far, he will never be forgotten, he will always be in our lives and all the sponsors thank you so much for you help," family friend Mike Trejo said.

Ricky was known as a champion rider. Doves were released in Ricky TMs honor.

The benefit included a live auction, silent auction, plates being sold, full concession stands, and a horse shoe removal stand, all the proceeds will be donated to the family.

50 percent of the roping proceeds will go to the family. An estimated $20,000 was raised alone from roping.

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