Coworkers of late teen hero recognized for efforts to help his family

Coworkers collect money for late teen's family

Dozens of McDonald's workers, who call themselves a family, have banded together to raise money to help bury one of their own.

"He was the best person," Joe Tovar said.

"Everybody jumped on board because everybody loved him," Aysha Engle said.

"It's sad but he's a hero in all of our hearts," Joe added.

Jesus Moreno embodies everything a hero should be.

The junior at PSJA North sacrificed his life to save his siblings from drowning on SPI last weekend.

He worked weekends to help support his mom.

The 18-year-old was laid to rest Thursday morning surrounded by co-workers from the restaurant on Trenton Road near Expressway 281 in Edinburg.

Together they raised more than $1,500 over the course of 3 days by collecting money along the street.

Most worked into the nighttime hours.

Others sold memorial t-shirts with Jesus Moreno's picture on it.

The money will be donated to help Moreno's family who TMs in need.

"I'm speechless because from the beginning...if one was hurt, all of us were hurt," Joe explained. "And now that his family is going through this tough time, we're all going through the tough time too.

"Everybody needs to be together as one," Aysha said.

Their efforts, their kindness and their story of togetherness didn't go unrecognized.

"Ricardo Filizola who you met behind my camera is actually undercover," Action 4's Ryan Wolf told the group of McDonald's workers outside the restaurant. "He's actually undercover with GEF Financial Agency as our Pay it 4Ward partner. And he has a special message. You guys are on Pay it 4Ward.

The news comes as a total shock to them all.

Ricardo shares with them what comes with the Pay it 4Ward surprise

"All of us at GEF Financial Group... we believe in being invested in our community," Ricardo told the crowd. "And all of you guys here today are living proof in what we believe. They say action speaks louder than words and you guys are screaming at Jesus how much you love him and how much you care for him."

Several people begin to cry.

Some help to console those in tears with a hug.

Ricardo pauses before saying, "On behalf of GEF Financial Group and Action 4 News we'd like to Pay it 4Ward and help you in your cause."

He hands Joe $400 in cash.

It's money the entire group says they'll be re-gifting to help their late friend's family.

"Thank you so much sir!" Aysha said with tears in her eyes.

"It's like the best thing," another girl said in a somber tone. "I can't say anything," Joe added. "It means a lot. I know he's watching us right now. We love you Jessie." Friends of Jesus say they will be collecting donations outside the Edinburg McDonald TMs again this Saturday beginning at 10am on Trenton Road near Highway 281. They ask anyone who would like to take action for the Moreno family to come out and join them. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter

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